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Vietnam Bike Tours' wooden bicycle souvenir KHÁNH LY - Manager, Vietnam Bike Tours HCMC

ROBERT MOORE -  Partner, USA, 

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Vietnam Bike Tours is represented in the United States by Robert Moore of Great Bike Trips in Dallas, Texas. Robert has traveled the world extensively, both on and off the bike. He regards Vietnam with its friendly people, great food and beautiful scenery as his Number One travel destination. After a successful career in marketing, advertising and publishing Robert launched the website which focuses on international bike travel. “If you want to see Vietnam up close and truly enjoy all it has to offer, see it by bike. Transiting the country on a bike allows you to get close to the people, daily life and the culture. This is the real Vietnam"

ROBERT MOORE - Partner, Vietnam Bike Tours USA

ANDREW EDWARDS  -  Country Manager, Australia, ​ Email him

Andrew Edwards is one of the dozens of tourists who experienced traveling by bike with Vietnam Bike Tours. He cycled with a friend from Ho Chi Minh City to Angkor Wat and he remembers it as an experience he will never forget. He was impressed with the quality of the tour and he couldn’t believe how warm and hospitable people in Vietnam were. “Vietnam was a country that had always interested me and I was not disappointed. The countryside is beautiful, the cities are hectic and full of life, the food is absolutely amazing but probably the best thing about Vietnam is the people. Everywhere we went we were greeted with a smile and a ‘Xin Chao” and more often than not a giggle when we answered back in English. Everybody was so friendly and welcoming and at no time did we ever feel like we were intruding”, he says.

Now back in Adelaide, South Australia, where he has been working for 20 years in the transport industry, this passionate surfer who also likes riding his bicycle whenever he has spare time is Vietnam Bike Tours man in Australia. His main task is to act as an Australian contact for people who are interested in booking a bike tour in Vietnam. If you are Australian and are planning to do a biking tour in Vietnam, he is the man with all the answers. “I will be able to answer questions about particular tours, make suggestions and help make the booking process easier. My job is also help the tourists find the tour right for them”, he tells us.

It is not a coincidence that Vietnambiketours is putting the focus on Australia, a country of adventurous people. “Australians love to travel and South East Asia is a very popular destination. We also love the outdoors and a bit of adventure, something a little bit different from a normal tour. This is what makes the tours offered by Vietnam Bike Tours so attractive – the sense of adventure, getting off the beaten track and seeing something that most tourists would never experience”, explains Andrew. Besides, biking is a big thing in Australia and it’s becoming bigger. “Cycling in Australia is a very popular pastime as well as a sport. We have the Tour Down Under which gets more popular with every passing year. With our climate it is easy to cycle all year round and Australians have really embraced it”, he states.

You could think that cycling tours are just for young people, but every Sunday you can realize how wrong this conclusion is, many people over 50 or even 60 love cycling and are not scared of a cycling tour. Anyone who loves cycling, outdoors and experiencing a different culture can enjoy it. “This is the great thing about cycling tours, they appeal to many different age groups and kinds of people. They are suitable for people who ride a bike all the time but also will suit someone who enjoys a nice quiet ride on a Sunday. Most of the tours are suited for families or small groups and some are more suited to your dedicated riders who want to really challenge themselves. There is really something for everyone regardless of age or experience”, he asserts.

As Vietnam becomes more and more popular in Australia -a country with a big Vietnamese community-Andrew strongly recommends it as a traveling destination, regardless of his work for Vietnam Bike Tours: “For anyone who has ever considered traveling to Vietnam my advice would be to go for it, you won’t regret it. But a word of warning, once you have been you will find it hard not to keep returning to learn more about this wonderful country!” SAAD AHMAD  -  Country Manager, Singapore, ​ Email him

​As VietnamBikeTours grows, we also get more and more friends all over the world. It’s always rewarding to see how people from all over the world enjoy our cycling tours in Vietnam and go back home with good memories from our work. In some cases, cyclists who join our tours and our Sunday Bike Ride, become good friends. This is what happened with Saad Ahmad, our new man in Singapore. Saad lived for 10 years in Vietnam, five in Hanoi and five in Ho Chi Minh City, he joined several of our rides during weekends in 2013 and 2014 and became a good friend of our chairman, Ngo Trong Huy. Now retired from his work in the garment industry, this cycling enthusiast moved to Singapore and happily accepted his new position as Vietnambiketours representative in that market. As he tells us, “cycling in Singapore is becoming popular with the new PCN (park connector) built near housing estate”.

Although Singapore is becoming more and more friendly for cyclists, there is not much space left to explore, and that’s why cyclists there, who usually ride in groups several times a week, will for sure be happy to explore wild Vietnam, as they also cross sometimes the border to enjoy nature in neighbouring Malaysia. Singapore isless than four hours away from Saigon by airplane and you don’t even need to bring your bike with you, you can rent it from us.

Mr Ahmad thinks Singaporeans will be interested in any kind of cycling, enjoying the real Vietnam. If any tourist is interested, he can tell his own experience, as he joined a cycling tour last November from Ho Chi Minh City to Hue. When he is not cycling, he also likes playing tennis or enjoying a motorcycle ride (legs need some rest sometimes). If you are in Singapore and are thinking of doing a cycling tour in Vietnam, you can contact him by email: You won’t regret it.

SAAD AHMAD - Manager, Vietnam Bike Tours [Singapore]

In 2010 company founder Ngo Trong Huy started Vietnam Bike Tours in Ho Chi Minh City with just three secondhand bikes and a determination to build a first class cycling tour company in Southeast Asia. Now more than one thousand cyclists each year ride with Vietnam Bike Tours on cycling holidays in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia and Singapore.

With a passion for cycling across Southeast Asia, in Sep, 2017, Ngo Trong Huy, moved his family to Yangon, Myanmar. Huy’s move to Myanmar is the next step in building Vietnam Bike Tours and offering cyclists yet one more amazing Asia destination. Ride with us in exotic Myanmar (Burma).

NGO TRONG HUY,  Founder & Chairman,  Email him

NGO TRONG HUY - Founder, Vietnam Bike Tours

COMMUNITY ACTIVITY -  Sunday Bike Ride by Vietnam Bike Tours

COMMUNITY ACTIVITY - Sunday Bike Ride  by Vietnam Bike Tours

Cycled with US  Ambassador TED OSIUS  [Vietnam 2016] -  more photos by Vietnam Bike Tours

Ngo Trong Huy & Ted Osius
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